Australian mastering engineer wins Grammy award, first Australian to win in Best Traditional Blues category

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In an unprecedented achievement for the Australian music scene, Sydney’s very own Cefe Flynn has been awarded a Grammy for his mastering work on Bobby Rush’s critically acclaimed album “All My Love for You”, which took home the prize for Best Traditional Blues Album in the 2024 Grammys.

This accolade marks Flynn as the first Australian mastering engineer to win a Grammy in this specific category, and one of the few Australian mastering engineers to have ever received a Grammy award setting a new precedent for excellence in the music industry.

Mastering, the final and critical phase of music production, involves fine-tuning the sound of a recording and plays a pivotal role in sculpting the listener’s emotional journey through music.

Flynn’s involvement in Bobby Rush’s “All My Love for You” came through his long-term partnership with Dexter Allen, the album’s producer and engineer. 

“Dexter and I have been working together for a long time, but when he sent me this project, he called me and let me know how much this one meant to him, since he’s been mentored by Bobby over the years. So it wasn’t just another gig for me; it felt like we were all part of something bigger, something special. The whole process was packed with emotion and creativity and it really showed in the final product. And then when we got the Grammy, it was such an amazing feeling. So surreal to be honest, and amazing to be trusted with their music and get this opportunity working from the other side of the world”.

Cefe Flynn’s Grammy victory shines a spotlight on the vibrant and diverse music industry in Australia, showcasing the country’s ability to compete on the world stage. “Winning this Grammy is not just a personal milestone but a win for the Australian music community. It highlights our capabilities and the quality of work we can produce,” Flynn commented on his historic win.

About Chroma Mastering

Located in Sydney, Chroma Mastering is a mastering studio, delivering exceptional sound quality led by Grammy-winning mastering engineer Cefe Flynn.

For more information please contact Cefe Flynn on 0466 825 277

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