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Cefe Flynn

Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer

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Cefe's Bio

Cefe Flynn’s journey into mastering wasn’t a straight path, but a winding road that began in a small rehearsal room in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His passion for music led him to Dublin, where he played in bands and found himself increasingly drawn to the technical side of music production. This fascination led him to Windmill Lane Studios, where he honed his craft as a tracking and mixing engineer for a decade before fully immersing himself in the world of mastering.

The decision to focus on mastering was a profound one. Despite stepping away from playing, recording, or mixing music, Cefe’s formative years as an active musician and recording engineer played a pivotal role in shaping his approach to mastering. His comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of mixing, coupled with his appreciation for the creative process, allowed him to strike a delicate balance between technical perfection and artistic expression.

Cefe’s approach to mastering is rooted in respect for the artist’s vision. He believes in enhancing, not imposing, and places the artist at the center of the process. He believes in honest and transparent communication throughout the mastering process, empowering artists by giving them control over the final result. This approach is a response to the struggles he has witnessed in the industry, with many artists feeling overlooked and insignificant due to poor communication and disregard for their input from some mastering studios.

Now based in Sydney, Australia, Cefe is a renowned mastering engineer dedicated to helping artists realize their musical vision. He strives to make the last step before an artist’s music is made available to the world flawless, and offers a free test master to artists who haven’t worked with him before, allowing them to experience firsthand what professional mastering can do for their music.

Cefe’s mastering discography is diverse and impressive, with a range of artists and genres represented. From the Alternative music of J. Thomas and Middletooth to the Indie sounds of Civic Video and Sam Fletcher, from the Blues vibes of Redd Velvet to the Pop tunes of CHEWY, and the Singer-Songwriter creations of Hedy Blaazer and Songs for June, Cefe’s mastery in his craft is evident in the varied and high-quality music he has helped shape.

Cefe Flynn’s journey through the world of music is a testament to his passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the artist’s vision. From the small rehearsal room in Buenos Aires to the mastering studios in Sydney, his story continues to be written with every track he masters, every artist he works with, and every note that leaves his studio. And as he continues his journey, he remains committed to making music the best it can be, one master at a time.

With Cefe, you’re not just getting a mastering engineer; you’re gaining a partner in your musical journey. He is committed to helping artists not only make great music but also build deep and meaningful relationships with their teams. His emphasis on honesty, transparency, and artist empowerment makes him a valuable ally in the often complex world of music production.