Chroma Mastering

The Studio

Purpose built mastering studio with top-tier analog and digital tools.
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Our monitoring system is the heartbeat of Chroma Mastering. It’s designed for ultra transparency, revealing the most intricate nuances of your recordings.

Analog Tools

The soul of Chroma Mastering lies in our analog chain. It’s simple yet effective, designed for precision and efficiency during the mastering session. We’ve handpicked a collection of analog outboard equipment that gives us the flexibility to enhance your recordings with clarity, impact, energy, and detail. Here’s a peek at the gear that makes the magic happen:

  • EQ: TK Audio TK-lizer 2
  • EQ: Gyraf Audio G14s
  • EQ: High Voltage Audio EQ 6s
  • Vari-Mu Compressor: Gyraf Audio G22
  • EQ/Compressor/Saturation: Rupert Neve Designs MBP
  • EQ/Saturation/Stereo Image/ HF Compressor: Solid State Logic Fusion
  • EQ/Saturation: Overstayer – MAS 8101
  • Tape Saturation: Handsome Audio Zulu

Digital Tools

The brain of Chroma Flynn Mastering is our suite of top-tier digital tools. Paired perfectly with our analog gear, these tools offer processing capabilities that extend beyond the analog realm. Our aim is to harness the unique benefits of the analog world while leveraging the best aspects of the digital world. Here’s a glimpse at the digital tools that power our operation:

the Room

The Listening Environment

Mastering isn’t about mystique or secret techniques. It’s about a meticulously crafted environment. Here, we work in a space designed for flat sound (+/- 1 dB frequency deviation across the entire spectrum), paired with an ultra-accurate, full-range monitoring system.

This setup lets us hear every detail in your tracks, guiding our decisions and helping us find the perfect settings for your music. With this level of precision, you can be confident that your masters will sound consistent and translate beautifully across all playback systems.

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