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Here are reviews from some artists, producers and engineers who have entrusted us with their music.

Travis Colby Avatar
I just had my first mastering experience with Cefe, and he did a superb job. I had recorded two other albums previously, but this was the first one I mixed entirely on my own, and before we even started the process, he gave me great pointers about how I could optimize my mix to guarantee the best possible outcome. Cefe was professional, patient, and worked with me every step of the way to ensure a great final product. I was not disappointed, and you won't be either! Highly recommended.
Travis Colby
Matt Astles Avatar
I could not recommend Cefe highly enough. He took the time to give feedback on my mix and make adjustments before mastering which was really helpful. It felt like you had someone working with you who really wanted to get the best result. I’m so happy with how it turned out and so glad I got it professionally mastered by Cefe. Worth every cent.
Matt Astles
Alex Toh Avatar
Cefe did a fantastic job on my latest project. He knew exactly what we were after and his communication was always prompt and nothing short of excellent! Loved how he provided initial samples of tracks as well as recommendations on how to make the overall release sound coherent. Will definitely be using his services again for future masting jobs! Thanks Cefe!
Alex Toh
Frank Schilbach Avatar
I worked with Cefe on our current release (PORT NASIM - It's Murky Grey) . There was a blind understanding about what I wanted. We had a really nice phone call where we talked about music in general and many other things. He did a testmaster for me and I was stunned: NOTHING to complain... Almost scary;) So he did the remaining 6 songs and the result is incredible: He kept a lot of the dynamics of the mixes, smoothed out some edges and corners, gave everything the common flow. Exactly what the songs needed and what I wanted. This time I wasn't surprised: NOTHING to complain. We kept the first versions and they will be released like that! Highly recommended!
Frank Schilbach
Chris Andrade Avatar
I recently worked with Cefe in my album and I'm really happy with the results and the experience overall.Attention to detail, great communication, and most importantly he cared about the final result of my music. He kindly gave me some useful tips & advice about the mixing and things that can be improved. Very patient as he gives you the chance to correct and tweak whatever it's needed to get the best result for your music....
Chris Andrade
Look Mum No Bands Avatar
Cefe knew exactly what my song needed and was able to describe that to me perfectly. I knew then exactly what he was going to do and how my song would turn out. It actually turned out better than expected. Interestingly, my recording was more live and minimal than most and he was able to appreciate what I was trying to achieve and enhance it. In my search for a mastering service I wasn't able to find this anywhere else...
Look Mum No Bands
Richard Drew Avatar
Cefe was a pleasure to work with from the initial sample master he provided to the completion of my EP. With prompt communication, valuable feedback, genuine interest in the needs of the artist, and a high-quality final product – all for a very reasonable price – I could not be happier with my decision to let Cefe help me put the final touches my most recent project. Thank you, Cefe! Keep up the great work!
Richard Drew
damien owens Avatar
Not only did Cefe do an absolute fantastic job mastering my track but i also found him very professional to work with and would recommend him to anyone. Not only did he get it spot on 1st time he also managed to beat all the online mastering algorithms and my mix buss ( Ozone 9 ). i can't thank him enough for his work and input. I was glad to have had this experience!
damien owens
Slow Wave Avatar
Cefe is a legend!He happily dedicated time and effort to make sure the project turned out great and was always patient and kind.He also deserves huge props for the FREE MASTERING SAMPLE service that he offers to his customers.Cefe Flynn Mastering deserves lots of attention and I would definitely recommend.Thanks again Cefe!
Slow Wave
Michael Stephens Avatar
I’ve used Cefe Flynn’s mastering service by recommendation for two of my releases this year. Cefe provides a very fast and accessible service which delivers consistently good results. I intend to utilise Cefe’s services for my future music releases, and I’d happily recommend him to anyone else looking for the same.
Michael Stephens
Jaxon Italiano Avatar
Cefe did a fantastic job of creating the masters for my band's album. The process was quick, easy and very straightforward, not to mention the affordable rates offered by his service. We were very happy with what we received as our masters and look forward to enjoying the same experience in the near future.
Jaxon Italiano
Ramy Zhang Avatar
Cefe is professional, kind, and a very skilled engineer! They managed to even complete my order early, and gave thoughtful feedback on my mix prior to the final master. Thank you for adding the finishing touches to my song 🙂 His prices are also super affordable given the quality of his work!
Ramy Zhang
Sölvi Karlsson Avatar
Wonderful to work with Cefe! A quick time to return and always ready to listen to suggestions and work together on the final product. He took my indie/Alt-rock record and took it way beyond my expectations! 5-stars will definitely contact again!Thanks again Cefe!!
Sölvi Karlsson
Dexter Allen Avatar
The service was Great!! The finished product was Fantastic!!! I’d recommend Ceff to any music maker in the music business today. Turnaround time is punctual and the website is very user friendly. Looks like I’ll be making this my mastering home.
Dexter Allen
Miss Lady Blues Avatar
I am truly pleased with the mastering I received on my callaboration with Awesome Bo ....titled "Body Bumping"!! The turn around time was amazing!! I will be mastering my next album with Cefe Flyn Mastering! 💯❤#MuchLove~Miss Lady Blues~
Miss Lady Blues
Hedy Blaazer Avatar
Cefe did a great job on my EP- super fast turnaround, professional service and genuinely seemed to care about the music. Also as an independent artist it really gives you peace of mind to have unlimited revisions!
Hedy Blaazer
Davide C. Avatar
Cefe is a great professional! very helpful and prepared, always ready to give advice on the mix to have the best mastering.thanks Cefe and to our next work together!AVVOLTE BAND from Italy
Davide C.
Robert Soko Avatar
I have to say, I am really glad to have Cefe mastering our tracks. The sound is crystal clear and perfect. And the mastering process happened very fast and on time. Highly recommendable!
Robert Soko
Eric Frison Avatar
Did a shootout with 3 other mastering studios and Cefe won out, 'nuff said! (He's also a nice guy!)🙂
Eric Frison
ALfredo Nieves Quesada Avatar
Simply the greatest online mastering service right now. Very happy with the results!
ALfredo Nieves Quesada
Brendan McHale Avatar
Cefe found us online (Echo Kid) and reached out about wanting work with us. We knew having someone enthusiastic about our music was a mastering engineer we'd prefer. My partner and I mix and produce our own music and during the entire process Cefe was abundantly helpful in giving us mixing suggestions without undermining our artistic vision. He ran our tunes through some wonderful analog compressors that really brought new life to the work. Not to mention, his prices you can't beat and he's such a pleasant man! Two thumbs up...
Brendan McHale
Liam Fitzgerald Avatar
Great, affordable mastering option!I've used AI mastering services before but you really can't beat the service and flexibility of having someone to talk about your music with!Cefe had a great understanding of what we had conceptualised and was easy to speak to about revisions.I would absolutely recommend this service if you are looking for an affordable way to have a master done by a someone who will care about your project.
Liam Fitzgerald
Victor Levesque Avatar
My first EP was a big deal. When there are literally tens of thousands of good mastering engineers, it is difficult to find the right one. Cefe made my choice an easy one. His work ethic, philosophy and honest, constructive feedback is what did it for me - even before he did the master. The end result could not have been better. I not only recommend him; he is my "go to" guy for the next project.
Victor Levesque
Salacia's Universe Avatar
Cefe is excellent at Mastering tracks and am have been happy with the work he has done for my tracks. I was looking for a mastering business that was reputable and experienced in the music industry and Cefe has that, he has been more than wonderful and the best professional mastering man. I highly recommend Cefe Flynn Mastering. Definitely thr best one based in Sydney.
Salacia's Universe
I am Munhu Avatar
Cefe, has done an outstanding job at mastering my recent project. The results shows how he does his work with passion and care! He delivers at the exact deadline and is also a great person to engage with between the business process. 11/10 will do it again!
I am Munhu
Nirak Rebal Avatar
Fast, nice communication and great mastering. The first audio samples are sent to you after a very short time and you can bring in your own ideas. Didn't think online mastering was that easy.
Nirak Rebal
Anders Vedel Stokkebæk Avatar
I've worked with several mastering engineers, but no one as versatile and skilled as Cefe. Quick turn over, high quality, great communication and great sense of musical direction.
Anders Vedel Stokkebæk
Val Glauser Avatar
Cefe is great to work with, patient and gives helpful advices about the mix . He will go the extra mile to get the best result for your music. Very reliable. Thank you Cefe!
Val Glauser
mark stackpool Avatar
Cefe did an amazing job getting The Stray Dogs to sound their absolute best. Cefe was efficient, helpful, knowledgeable, professional and good value for money.
mark stackpool
John Vlahos Avatar
Cefe was recommended to me by a recording studio engineer. The band and myself were very happy with the mastering and Cefe was great to deal with 🙂
John Vlahos
Dyson Eldh Avatar
awesome mastering! could not be happier! easy to contact and is working really fast! huge recommend for anybody struggling with mastering files! 🙂
Dyson Eldh
Wanice Alfes Avatar
Highly professional service. Perfect mastering, courtesy, and timely delivery. I will certainly keep the partnership for future projects!
Wanice Alfes
This guys are really good.. I have 35 years of experience, whom 3 Grammy awards...I know what I am talking bout
Jerry Brantner Avatar
First off, Cefe Flynn offers a FREE sample of your mastered track BEFORE committing. That to me, was '5-stars' right out of the gate as an artist. It made me feel confident enough that this was an actual human person vs. these online quick-mastering services that really haven't a clue to true post-production done in genuine form. Cefe was awesome to deal with on a personal level and made my track sound like a major production recording...
Jerry Brantner
carmen lysiak Avatar
Cefe provides incredible attention to detail and is patient and so dedicated to his craft. Having worked with a number of engineers previously-I found he really listened to what was requested and made things sound so much richer than what they were before-am very happy with the improvement in sound quality. A true professional.
carmen lysiak
Dan Crestani Avatar
Beyond pleased with Cefe’s mastering job - he took our bands tracks in at very short notice and still delivered a very professional job (which over exceeded our expectations) and was very clear in his communication with us - don’t bother with anyone else. cefe’s your man for mastering 👍🏼
Dan Crestani
Underlined Passages Avatar
We asked Cefe to turn around out record on very short notice. Not only did he do that, he was very helpful with suggestions, and did an amazing job! Usually we have 2-3 "tweeks" after the 1st master. His work was so good that we only needed 1! Will be working with Cefe again soon!
Underlined Passages
Dave Matthews Avatar
I was very happy with Cefe's work mastering one of my tracks. He spotted a potential issue with my mix and allowed me to fix it before remastering the track again. Will hopefully be working together again in the future.
Dave Matthews
Joey Robinson Avatar
If you really want quality and professionalism all in one place, Cefe Flynn Mastering is where you need to go!!! Fast turnaround and quality. I will definitely send my music to Cefe Flynn for my next project.
Joey Robinson
Haydn Holden Avatar
Pleasure working with Cefe. Fast working, went out of his way to try new things- nothing was ever too much trouble. Will definitely use again. Highly recommend.
Haydn Holden

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