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Chroma Mastering is owned and led by Cefe Flynn, a Grammy-winning mastering engineer with over two decades of experience in the music industry. At Chroma our approach to mastering goes beyond the technical. We dive into the heart and soul of each piece of music, enhancing its essence to craft a sonic experience that captivates and inspires. So if you’re tired of cookie-cutter mastering that turns your mixes into generic radio-ready mush, keep reading ↓ and welcome to Chroma!

Chroma's Mastering Approach

At Chroma, we understand the frustration of having your carefully crafted mix flattened by impersonal mastering processes. That’s why we work differently.

Music is a way of communicating emotion from one person to another. We’re not here to make your music sound ‘average’ or ‘correct’ or unnecessarily loud – we’re here to amplify what makes your sound uniquely yours while staying true to your vision. Our approach ensures your music keeps its soul, quirks, and emotional impact.

Apart from that, what sets us apart is our commitment to you. We celebrate the human connection in music. As one client puts it “Chroma will not work for you, they will work WITH you, all the way!”

The result? Masters that give you that “wow” feeling. Every. Single. Playback.

Try Before You Commit

Experience the Chroma Difference

We’ve explained our approach but words can only say so much. Let’s show you what we mean.

Share your mix with us, and we’ll provide a 1-2 minute mastered sample.

No strings attached—just a glimpse of what we can achieve together.

Featured Work
Listen & Compare

Want to hear the difference mastering can make? Dive into these before-and-after clips from our mastering projects.

⚠️  Mix & Master level-matched for easy and fair comparison ⚠️

Slow Wave
Indie Pop Civic Video
Rock High Pitched Scream
Pop Ramy
Indie J. Thomas
Songwriter Sam Fletcher
Chroma mastering awards

In 2024, Cefe Flynn was honoured to receive international recognition for his work on Bobby Rush’s album “All My Love for You” by winning Best Traditional Blues Album in the 2024 Grammy Awards.


66th Annual Grammy Award Winner (2024)

Category: Best Traditional Blues Album
Artist: Bobby Rush
All My Love for You
Role: Mastering Engineer

Bobby Rush Album Artwork


The Process

Mixing engineers, we’re your secret weapon

We’re the ears you trust when your mix is done and our process goes something like this: 

We give your tracks a thorough listen before we start, ideally before you’ve appended the “final mix” tag to your files, catching any gremlins that might have snuck through and provide feedback on any sneaky issues that when addressed in the mix will give us better mastering results. 

While we are at it we’ll have a proper chat about what you’re after – no fluff, just straight talk about the sound you want. What you love about the mix, anything you want to highlight or hide in the mix, any concerns about specific elements, etc.

Then, armed with our purpose-built mastering room and a carefully curated mix of digital and classic analogue gear, we’ll perform our act, mastering your tracks until you’re 100% satisfied.

Our job is to make you look good and your clients extra happy. Simple as that.

Don’t just take our word for it—check out our discography and see what our clients are saying below ↓


Showcasing a selection of albums, EPs and singles that we’ve had the privilege of mastering at Chroma Mastering.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Did a shootout with 3 other mastering studios and Cefe won out, 'nuff said! (He's also a nice guy!)

I've worked with several mastering engineers, but no one as versatile and skilled as Cefe. Quick turnaround, high quality, great communication and great sense of musical direction.

This guys are really good...I have 35 years of experience in the music industry, with 3 Grammy awards...I know what I am talking bout.

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