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Mastering Approach

Our Ethos

More Human

Mastering is more than a mere technical process or master bus processing; it’s an art. Our process involves closely collaborating with mixing engineers and musicians to grasp the emotional depth and intent behind the mix. We then use industry-leading analog and digital tools to create a unique and tailored master for each song – with no generic presets or cookie-cutter formulas.  A more human approach, that works.

More Transparent

For us, your voice matters every step of the way. This means:

  • Straightforward, upfront transparent pricing
  • The option to request a complimentary test master sample
  • The freedom to request unlimited revisions
  • Ability to directly communicate with our Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer
  • Your input is a key part of our process

Results You Can Feel

Our number one priority is results – results that you can not only hear but feel. We do this with:

  • Grammy-winning expertise from lead mastering engineer
  • Industry-leading analog & digital gear
  • Purpose-built mastering room
  • Dedication of an independent studio
  • Utmost respect for music
Cefe Flynn Mastering Engineer

The team

Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer

Based in Sydney, Cefe Flynn is a Grammy-winning mastering engineer with over two decades of experience in the music industry. Cefe’s approach to mastering goes beyond the technical. He dives into the heart and soul of each piece of music, enhancing its essence to craft a sonic experience that captivates and inspires.

In 2024, Cefe was honoured to receive international recognition for his work on Bobby Rush’s album “All My Love for You” by winning Best Traditional Blues Album in the 2024 Grammy Awards.


Featured Work

Want to hear the difference mastering can make? Dive into these before-and-after clips from our mastering projects.

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Before & after clips level-matched for easy and fair comparison.

Slow Wave
Indie Pop Civic Video
Rock High Pitched Scream
Pop Ramy
Indie J. Thomas
Songwriter Sam Fletcher
Featured masters


We Partner With Mixing Engineers and Artists

For mixing engineers and producers

We’re the go-to mastering partner for numerous mixing engineers and producers across the world, helping them with:

  • A fresh set of trusted ears
  • The highest quality stereo and stem mastering for their clients
  • Initial mix feedback, if required
  • Consistent, reliable quality, on budget and schedule
  • The confidence in knowing a song is at its best
  • The final quality control

For self-produced musicians

We also work directly with self-produced musicians helping them with:

  • Mastering services
  • Mix feedback including referrals to mixing engineers if required
  • Advice on distribution channels and next steps to release music

Client Reviews

What Our Customers Are Saying

Did a shootout with 3 other mastering studios and Cefe won out, 'nuff said! (He's also a nice guy!)

I've worked with several mastering engineers, but no one as versatile and skilled as Cefe. Quick turnaround, high quality, great communication and great sense of musical direction.

This guys are really good...I have 35 years of experience in the music industry, with 3 Grammy awards...I know what I am talking bout.

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